Tamper Proof Security Screws: Many Different Options

Whenever there is a need for using fixings in a public place, there is also the opportunity for some to mess with them – no matter if it is casual vandalism or a premeditated act.

With that in mind, engineers developed several types of tamper-proof security screws to hinder partially or prevent fully the possibilities of interference with these fixtures.

Keep reading to find out more about the most widely used tamper-proof screws today:

Pin Hex Head Screws

While conventional socket screws feature a hexagonal recess and need an Allen key or a hex bit to be fixed, Pin Hex screws also use a similar drive. The main difference is the pin inserted in the middle, which requires a unique tool for fixing or removing them. That pin is what stops a normal hex bit from working in these cases.

Pin TX screws

As seen above in the Pin Hex, the Pin TX also features an inserted pin in the drive recess. The difference here is the type of recess, which is a Six Lobe or a Torx drive. Such screws need a particular tool for fixing or removing them.

Sentinel Screws

These screws feature a unique drive design, which can be turned one way only. They are fixed using a simple Crosshead or Pozi driver. This is a one-way fixing solution for extensive use.

Sentinel screws, a superior one-way screw for large volume applications due to its drive, and clutch head screws are similar to Sentinel Screws because they are able to be fixed with a normal tool – here we talk about a simple slotted screwdriver. However, once fitted, this screw cannot be unscrewed, which makes it ideal for permanent fixing needs.

Two Hole Screws

Also known as Pig Hole screws, they feature two holes in the screw head, which makes them look like a pig nose. These two holes require a special bit for screw fixing. These screws are used where there is a concern for aesthetics.

In general, security screws can be used as a simple replacement for normal screws. You can find a large stock at Fastenright featuring a full range of tamper-proof security screws. Most of our products are finished using A2 stainless steel and offer low to medium levels of security resistance.

Using Tamper Proof Security Screws On Products

Security screws are a valid consideration for more than preventing theft. Manufacturers can take advantage of them to prevent product tampering.

It is common enough to see a variation of a legal message on the product or within instruction manuals: “Don’t take apart the product, refer to the service authorized assistance or to a qualified professional.” This is especially true in regards to electrical products, where the user would be exposed to an electrical shock. In that case, using security screws is a great deterrent because it creates an extra obstacle to the product being taken apart by the end-user.

Another alternative use of security screws is by furniture manufacturers who may prefer to avoid having the furniture being taken apart after the manufacture, assembly, and delivery to the customer’s house. Perhaps it is complicated to assemble it once again, and it would require professional help, or the disassembly might compromise the customer’s safety. Using security screws is a simple way to prevent amateurs from tampering with the furniture.

Finally, tamper-proof security screws might be useful if you want to become the only option for product repair and maintenance. In this scenario, users would not be able to fix the product by themselves unless they damage the outside box, so it is good prevention to avoid having curious customers from causing further damage to internal mechanisms when trying to fix the issues.

Premium Security Screws

If you have a higher need for security, then you should go for the premium option. These Tricone Security Bolts feature a drive design that is more complex and can only be installed or removed using a specialist tool that is traceable.

The Security Bolt is unique to Fastenright. Its patented drive design makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to remove these bolts. Plus, they look good as well!

Choosing Tamper Proof Screws

These are the criteria you should follow to select the best tamper-proof screws for your needs:

  • How much security are you looking for?
  • Will the screw have to be removed?
  • How much torque fixing is required? (For example, a Pin Hex screw could be more indicated than a Two Hole)
  • Do you have aesthetic appearance concerns?

There is an extensive range of tamper-proof screws you can buy as machine screws if you have pre-tapped holes, and self-tapping screws which do not require existing holes.

All About Security Screws: The Best Types

The Best Security Screws: Tamper Resistant And Tamper Proof

Did you know that there are specialty fasteners such as bolts, nuts, and screws that are tamper-proof? Their main feature is their drive style, which is unconventional.

Whenever a certain assembly is vulnerable to disassembly or vandalism because it is easily accessible to the public, this is an area or a machine that warrants the use of tamper-proof fasteners.

Security screws can be either tamper-resistant or tamper-proof. Tampering with the screw becomes either difficult or simply impossible without access to a matching driver.

Such security screws find uses in mixed places. Picture gutters, car license plates, roof grills in penitentiaries and schools, as well as front grills in cars and boats. These specialty fasteners are also used in areas that process and prepare food. Security screws can also be found in bathroom stalls, especially toilet partitions, as well as similar public locations.

What Is This “Unconventional Drive Style”?

Unconventional Drive Styles are as varied as possible. Their task is very simple: to make it difficult enough, or even impossible, to install or remove a screw or bolt without the corresponding security driver bit.

One Way Screws

Some people call One Way Screws as Irreversible Screws, or, alternatively, One Direction Screws. This name comes from their drive style, where the screw head’s main element is a slotted drive with a particular goal in mind.

It is made this way to cause cam out as soon as someone turns the driver in the opposite direction. This is done at the drive manufacturing level: there are quadrants designed to raise gradually when accepting the driver bit as the operator turns the screw clockwise. If the operator turns it counterclockwise, it will be rejected.

One Way Drive allows for easy screw installation with a simple slotted bit. Screw removal, on the other hand, is virtually impossible without a removal tool specifically designed for this operation.

One Way Screws are found in all places where tampering after installation is a possible issue. They can be public spaces such as bathroom partitions and fixtures, car and truck license plate frames, and also home safes mounted to the floor or the wall.

In general, any Tamper Proof Screw is used to deter theft or vandalism, since removing the screw is complicated or simply impossible without owning a corresponding unconventional bit. Being particularly hard to remove, One Way Screws should be preferred for long-lasting uses.

Stainless Steel Spanner Screws

As their name implies, Tamper Proof Spanner Screws (or “Snake Eye” Security Screws) are installed with a spanner bit. The “Snake Eye” reference comes from the two-dot drive bit required.

Spanner security screws are another type of screw used in areas vulnerable to vandalism or simple theft, such as home gutters, car license plates, grills in public buildings such as penitentiaries, schools, and libraries, restroom stalls, and even in food processing zones.

These screws require a special spanner bit, which fits into a couple of drive holes in the screw. Because of that requires both to install and to remove them, spanner screws are very resistant to being tempered.

Stainless Steel Torx Screws

Torx is a trademark. Its pin security drive requires a special security bit, to turn the six lobes (or star drive) with a central pin. This is the main deterrent to tampering and theft. The pin adds extra tamper resistance because it stops common screwdrivers or conventional grabbing tools from tampering the original install.

Tri-Groove Security Nuts

These T Groove Nuts have a tapered diameter. This is what makes Trident Drive Nuts resistant to normal gripping tools. Cone Trident Drive Nuts are installed using a special socket called Tri-Groove. This socket grips indentations on the fastener and turns the nut along the thread, making them very resistant to tampering.

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